Bespoke Software Solutions for the AWS Cloud

Bespoke Software Solutions for the AWS Cloud

Bespoke Software Solutions for the AWS Cloud

Migrating Legacy Applications

We can rewrite your legacy application. Modernizing the Architecture, adding security, scalability and deploying into the AWS Cloud and creating new business opportunities.

Mobile First

When you need a mobile platform that can scale to thousands of users you need excellent security and a cost effective way to build and enhance your application. We can provide both mobile and USSD user interfaces.  

Transaction and Event Processing

Built on top of AWS Lambda and Serverless Infrastructure, we can process thousands of transactions per second in an extremely robust and reliable platform.


Great software engineering can have a massive impact on the long term performance and operational costs. 

We believe in using software to make the future better.


Reliability should be a key metric when engineering new software, especially when high availbailty or high transaction throughput is required.


Engineering software to meet the business need and solve the business problem.


Efficient in how we design and engineer the software. Our business experience enables us to have a deep understanding of your business needs and how to solve them.


Moving to the cloud moves your date outside you firewall so security has to be embedded into the design, build and maintenence.


Designing and engineering so that every component of the sofware can scale to meet the performance needed.


Enginering your software so that the future maintenence is sustainable.

Simplicity over complexity and consistant designs and methods.

What is a Serverless Application Architecture?

Security and Identity that is built for the Cloud

Cloud Global Team

Cloud infrastructure allows us to operate globally. 

London and Cape Town are the two cities we call home.